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 Contact: John Culmer
 London, ON, Canada

Welcome to the Peel Pen Shop!

Please browse through our products and services, and feel free to contact me at

A wide selection of antique pens and their parts and accessories. Please view our full antique pen listing, which includes fine writing instruments from manufacturers such as Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer, Esterbrook, Wahl-Eversharp and Aurora.
My services include the repair and restoration of fountain pens - a skill I learned from my father over 20 years ago.  I also do engravings for school awards, trophies, etc.  Please email me for more information.
Pen Shop News
I have started a new selection of parts.
Click on Antique Pens under "Browse by Manufacture"

Our new Facebook page and Twitter page see LINKS have just recently been activated and requires a jump start, so we kindly ask you to simply click on the “Like” button.

Today,although the Peel Pen Shop (London) retail store location has now closed, we still repair and sell antique pens. Please note that we do not have an open shop, so we can not invite you in. Pens may be dropped off please email me for information.

If you are looking for something from a manufacture such as "Parker" select 'Antique Pens' browse through the manufacturers in the pull down menu on the right side and make your selection.

Caring for a Fountain Pen
Rince your pen regularly/fill and empty your pen with cool tap water, never hot. If it is very dirty fill a cup with 2/3 water and 1/3 ammonia let the nib/section sit in the solution for 15 minutes and rince with water (Windex will also work)

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